Golfers Throw Hands During A Golf Course Brawl Over Slow Play

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When the average golfer heads out to the course the most physical activity they plan to do is some light walking, swinging of their clubs, and maybe some 12 ounce curls. That’s it. Most of them are hoping for a good time.

Punches being thrown are not on the agenda. That goes for these weekend warriors, whose casual afternoon on the course went south quickly. It all started when there were accusations of slow play being tossed around between two groups of golfers.

Golf fight at Florida Golf Course
Two groups of golfers throw hands on the course (Image Credit: Zire Golf/Instagram)

Most golfers don’t want to be known as a slow golfer. You’ll get the occasional asshole, even at the professional level, who leans into it. But for most those accusations are fighting words. It doesn’t often turn physical, but when it does magic usually captured.

That was the case for these two groups of golfers at the Cleveland Height Golf Course in Lakeland, Florida. Magic was captured. The people recording knew it immediately and are heard saying, “Dude, we can go viral.”

Who doesn’t enjoy a good golf course brawl? Shortly after the accusations of slow play one of the golfers could be heard blaming the group in front of them, “It’s the people in front of us, we can’t go any faster.”

This is when the clubs are dropped and a push and kick set the whole thing off. Punches are exchanged between multiple golfers, there’s a “bring it bitch” thrown out in the middle of the chaos before they all seem to run out of gas.

A Good Golf Course Brawl Is Always Entertaining

This was clearly more activity than any of these guys were planning for the afternoon. Exerting all of that extra energy throwing punches and kicks isn’t going to speed anyone’s play up.

There was a lot of soreness the next from these guys in places they forgot existed. And it wasn’t from the golf. Those punches and kicks aren’t thrown on a regular basis and the beer guts didn’t do any of them any favors.

If the golfers were lucky, their fight let the group in front of them get a few strokes further down the course. Something tells me a few of these guys had a hard time getting off the couch the next day.

Written by Sean Joseph

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