Twitter Files Release Uncovers That CIA Might Have Also Been Using Twitter for Censorship

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The Twitter Files have been a fountain of information over the past month or so.

Independent journalists have been combing through mountains of information and data have uncovered multiple major concerns at the company.

Twitter lied about shadow banning users, for example.

They also blatantly censored the Hunter Biden laptop story, likely due in part to FBI warnings.


They also changed their policies specifically to silence, and eventually suspend, Donald Trump.

It’s hard to choose the most concerning aspect of the social media giant’s internal deliberations. But one of the most consistent themes is their ever expanding relationship with U.S. government entities.

The FBI is a relentless presence, constantly begging the company to take down accounts or censor users. Their response to these documents makes them look even worse.


On Saturday, Matt Taibbi posted the latest installment, detailing that it wasn’t just the FBI that got involved unnecessarily.

Taibbi showed that there were multiple references to “Other Government Agencies (OGA),” which appears to be code for the CIA.

CIA met with Twitter
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) headquarters are pictured in Langley, Virginia, on July 8, 2022. – US President Biden is visiting the CIA headquarters today to congratulate the Agency and staff on the 75th anniversary of its founding. (Photo by Samuel Corum / AFP) (Photo by SAMUEL CORUM/AFP via Getty Images)

FBI and CIA Involvement With Twitter

According to Taibbi, government requests to “moderate” or remove content around the 2020 election was nearly endless.

He continued, saying that the FBI, and likely the mysterious “OGA,” were also directly involved in foreign policy stories.

Like many of the revelations around the Twitter files, this is a major scandal. Or, it would be, if the major media outlets were paying attention.

But because of most of the “moderation” requests targeted users on the right, there’s no interest. Left wing interests have overwhelmingly coalesced into advocating for further censorship.

Government collusion with private companies doesn’t concern them, since they’ve overwhelmingly benefitted from this behavior.

But for any intellectually honest person, this latest release provides even further concerns that the U.S. government has been overstepping its bounds.

Written by Ian Miller

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