Twitter Comes At Adam Schefter For Posting Kelly Stafford Pic

NFL insider Adam Schefter normally breaks news about free agent signings or new contracts. That’s usually the lane he stays in. Every once and a while he strays from that lane.

In the case of Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford joining Instagram, Schefter strayed a little too far. According to the responses on Twitter, anyway.

Schefter innocently enough tweeted out about the fact that Stafford had received a Super Bowl ring and started an Instagram account all in less than 24 hours.

But then Schefter went a little too far outside of the lane

Seems a little bit of a nothing story to me, but who knows maybe it was a slow day for Schefter. He had a plan when he tweeted out the Stafford nothing-of-a-story.

That plan was to share Stafford’s wife Kelly‘s response to her husband joining the social media platform. He did so by sharing the picture we’ve all seen (and made an appearance here) of Kelly “posing” with the ring.

Twitter saw right through Schefter’s tweets and hit him with the usual call-outs for a “horny offense.” Schefter isn’t new to controversy on social media, but I don’t recall him being called out for this particular offense before.

Here are a few of the responses to the NFL insider’s Kelly Stafford tweet.

Schefter might be looking to start a rivalry

Of his several Twitter-related controversies over the years, this has to be one of Schefter’s least controversial.

That being said, I get why he’s being called out. He’s the guy who breaks serious NFL news, not cleavage pics of a player’s wife. That’s my job and a few other notable names around here.

There’s an argument to be made that I should be upset with Schefter too. I mean, you don’t see me stealing his NFL insider scoops. He hates when that happens to him.

The more I think about it, the more I think we have a problem here.

I’m going to respectfully ask that he sticks to what he does best and we’ll try not to step on his toes. Those of us who aren’t in that lane anyway. I think that’s fair.

Written by Sean Joseph


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  1. That IS a “provocative” dress.. She knew that when she bought it and she knew it when she chose to wear it at whatever the occasion is they were photographed. And her husband knew it too. It was not an “oops” moment.
    They have been a “celebrity” couple long enough – granted LA ain’t Detroit – to know how the game is played. Just like The Bradys know and the Wilsons know … as for Schefter being called out … he’s been doing what he does long enough to know he has a faction that will ALWAYS call him out whatever he does.

  2. Ms Stafford knew exactly the attention she would get when wearing that jacket to the Rams ring celebration. I’m certainly no prude but show a little class, lady. Yeah, you have nice tits but save it for your husband. Appears she is another attention whore. I think Trevor Lawrence’s wife is the same way.

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