Kelly Stafford Responds To Matthew Joining Instagram With A Racy Pic

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On Thursday night, the Los Angeles Rams held a ceremony to present players with their Super Bowl rings. The event — as well as the ring — got plenty of attention on social media.

On Friday, Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford decided to get in on the action. He followed up receiving his Super Bowl ring by joining Instagram. His first post on the social media app featured his newly acquired jewelry.

Stafford’s first pic, which he captioned “She’s a real beauty,” also cut out his wife Kelly, who was standing next to him when the picture was taken. His questionable cropping skills were called out in the comment section of what, at this time, remains his only post.

Kelly revealed what we were all missing

Kelly didn’t take being cropped out by her Super Bowl-winning husband personally. She did the only thing that made any sense; she cropped Stafford out of the same picture.

In doing so, Kelly revealed what we were all missing from his post. It just so happens that her picture is a little more racy than the one he posted and it makes a ton more sense than his picture does.

Kelly captioned her version — which features her in a low cut top standing next to the Rams giant Super Bowl ring — “We look good together.” It’s hard to argue with her findings here.

Kelly has been on Instagram much longer than Matthew has

Now that’s a Super Bowl ring ceremony outfit. That’s also how you set the record straight on the terrible crop job by the Rams quarterback.

Kelly gets it and she’s not even a serial thirst trapper. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a serial thirst trapper (big fan of them), it just doesn’t seem to be her thing.

To be fair, Kelly has been on Instagram much longer than Matthew has. That said, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before he figures it all out.

Written by Sean Joseph

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