Twitch Streamer Makes Up To $15k A Day From Streaming Herself Sleeping

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We’d all love to figure out a way to make money while we sleep. Whether it’s through a smart investment or something like high-yield savings account, the dream is to reach the point where the income continues to grow when you’re fast asleep.

Popular Twitch streamer Kaitlyn Siragusa, aka Amouranth, skipped all of the smart investing and savings accounts – although she has those too – and is making money directly from sleeping.

She revealed recently that she makes thousands streaming herself sleeping on Twitch and OnlyFans.

Twitch Streamer and OnlyFans model Amouranth Sleep Stream
Twitch streamer makes thousands streaming herself sleeping (Image Credit: Amouranth/Twitch)

Amouranth revealed the insane income from her sleep streams during an appearance on the podcast The Iced Coffee Hour. She told hosts Graham Stephan and Jack Selby that the sleep streams are some of her most profitable.

After explaining that she started doing the “virtual slumber parties” as a way to make longer streams, she got into how much money she makes from them.

“If you count just on Twitch, probably like a couple thousand dollars,” she said. “But, if you count the conversions, potentially to OnlyFans, while I’m sleeping, because they’re clicking on links and whatever, then maybe like $10,000 to $15,000.”

While the sleep streams make a lot of money, Amouranth doesn’t do them every night. There are scheduling issues that don’t make it possible.

Also, she admitted that she doesn’t want to run those types of streams into the ground. She said, “I feel like if you do it too much, it will become no longer a novelty.”

There’s A Reason Kaitlyn Siragusa Is So Successful

While discussing the topic she stumbled into a new idea for her sleep streams. She told the hosts that maybe she should start inviting her girlfriends over and stream the sleepovers with them instead.

It’s those kind of content ideas, along with things like hot tub streams, that make Amouranth one of the most streamed people on Twitch.

Thanks to her sleep streams, and all of the other types of content she does, her income is pushing $2 million a month. That’s nothing to sleep on.

Written by Sean Joseph

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