Popular Twitch Streamer Amouranth Reveals The Insane Amount Of Money She Made In A Single Month From Her OnlyFans Content

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Who said that you can’t make money streaming for strangers on the internet? It certainly wasn’t Kaitlyn Siragusa. She’s made a ton of money doing just that and has spun her Twitch success as Amouranth into big business on OnlyFans.

Fresh off of having a random guy send her a bunch of gifts – including $70,000 in cash – for her birthday, Amouranth is discussing her financial success. During an interview with an E-sports new reporter, she was asked about her most profitable month as a creator.

Popular Twitch Streamer Amouranth Reveals The Insane Amount Of Money She Made In A Single Month
Popular twitch streamer Amouranth makes an insane amount of money (Image Credit: Jake Lucky/Twitter)

While not specifically revealing that amount, mostly because she’s constantly topping it, Amouranth did reveal her largest OnlyFans withdrawal. And it’s an insane amount of money.

“I don’t know because Iā€™m always getting a new most profitable month,” she said. “Every few months, it’s like, ‘this is the highest month ever.'”

The income all depends on the amount of work she puts in, but the bottom line is that she’s making a lot on a monthly basis. She said, “Every few months has basically been a new highest month, so it’s kinda hard to say on that one.”

When asked what the biggest amount she’s ever seen on a check, she answered, “I think that the biggest I have like withdrawn probably, because with OF you have to withdraw all the time, so I think it was like $2 million that I withdrew.”

It Pays To Be A Twitch Streamer/OnlyFans Model

That’s a lot of money, money Amouranth enjoys seeing hit her bank account. So much so, she plans to keep earning it for as long as she can.

So what does she spend her millions a month on? She’s gone down the responsible path and made several different investments over the years, including the purchase of multiple gas stations.

That seems like a decent way to spend a few bucks. So does holding a contest where you give away $3,000 in prizes. She did that recently as well. All the people had to do to enter the contest was call her and sing her a Christmas carol.

The random giveaway route is definitely more my speed. If I was ever pulling down that kind of money there would be random giveaways involved all the time.

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