Twitch Streamer Peed On Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Car After They Split

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There can be a lot of baggage that remains after a bad relationship comes to an end. That baggage is sometimes hard to let go of without exacting some revenge on your ex, legally of course.

The revenge can come in many forms, including urine. That’s the method of revenge chosen by Twitch streamer, and “World’s Sexiest Chess Player,” Andrea Botez. The content creator admitted to peeing on one of her ex-boyfriend’s car after they called it quits.

Andrea Botez Twitch Streamer
(Image Credit: Andrea Botez/TikTok)

Andrea and her sister Alexandra Botez, who is also a Twitch stream but not the sexiest chess player in the world, were on the podcast, That’s What She Said, when the topic of revenge was brought up.

They were talking about their worst dates at the time. The podcast’s host Brooke Ashley said she had a guy leave for a lacrosse game while they were hooking up. The dude was staying true to the Lax life.

Ashley and the Botez sisters didn’t understand the lure of lacrosse and turned the conversation to revenge. Andrea said, “I would have punished him… I would have peed on his car.”

Her sister, Alexandra, then revealed that Andrea had done that to her ex. Andrea added, “It was a really toxic relationship. It was on and off all the time… I would do it again.”

“It was really satisfying,” she added. “I got it all out. Literally.”

This Twitch Streamer Needs To Work On Her Revenge Game

Having your stuff peed on isn’t great, but I’m not sure how peeing on a car is a form of revenge. There have to be more effective forms of revenge. For starters, if a car must be in the mix, peeing in the car would have been much more effective.

Sure you feel better after peeing on a car, but unless that eats the paint or something it doesn’t sound like an effective form of revenge. In the car is going to require some cleanup, possibly by professionals.

The situation could have been much worse for the ex. If not by peeing in his car instead of on it, Andrea could have put her boxing gloves on and worked on her jab using his face. She’s all in on the influencer boxing matches and looks competent throwing her hands.

All things considered her ex got off with very little, if any, real damage. A spray of the hose or a light rain made easy work of her so-called revenge.

Written by Sean Joseph

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