Twin OnlyFans Models Have Bank Accounts Seized For Unpaid Taxes

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With the amount of money being made on OnlyFans, and the public claims made by some of the models, it was only a matter of time before the taxes being paid by those on the platform would be put under the microscope.

Sarah and Jessica Massie, twin sister influencers from Quebec, had the Canadian government seize one of their bank accounts over unpaid taxes. They say it’s only a matter of time before they come after the other sister’s account.

Twin OnlyFans Models Jessica and Sarah Massie
Twin OnlyFans models screwed up their taxes (Image Credit: twinsjess0/TikTok)

Jessica explained to the French language television network, TVA Nouvelles, what happened. The two claim that it was an honest mistake and they never intended to cheat on their taxes.

She said, “I had to call my bank and they informed me that my account had been seized.” The Canada Revenue Agency confirmed the seizure and left her without any money.

Unfortunately, her sister Sarah expects the same thing to happen to her account. The two say they no longer have the money to pay the outstanding tax due, because the used the money to pay for work on their house.

“I should have prioritized my tax debt before finishing my house,” Jessica said. “We are able to admit that it should have been up to us to find out about it, but we were a little lost in it.”

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The seizure of their bank accounts could be the beginning of their troubles. According to Jessica, the revenue agency threatened to take her OnlyFans account too.

She said of the possibility, “Are you going to take my work? Is that what you’re telling me?… You are just going to ruin my life, basically!”

Seizing the bank accounts are one thing, but taking the OnlyFans accounts is going way too far. The subscribers aren’t the ones who made the mistake. Why punish them?

If the OnlyFans accounts are taken by the Canadian government how will they ever get their money? Do they expect influencers to just go out and land well paying jobs?

Let this be a lesson to all of the big money making influencers out there. Don’t ever make claims about how much money you make and pay your taxes. The government always wants a cut and its pimp hand is strong.

Written by Sean Joseph

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