Influencer Says A TikTok Video More Than Doubled Her Monthly OnlyFans Income To Well Into The Six Figures

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Influencer Tara Lynn revealed that at the end of last year she had her OnlyFans income more than double. She did so with a simple TikTok video that showed her getting ready for one of her exclusive content shoots.

Lynn, who is known as Taraswrld on multiple social media platforms, dropped her monthly numbers during a recent podcast appearance. She was asked on the PlanBri Uncut podcast, “So how much are you reeling in on OnlyFans?”

Influencer Tara Lynn
Influencer Tara Lynn makes six figures a month off of OnlyFans (Image Credit: Isabella Riley Moody/Twitter)

The content creator got in on the platform back in 2021. She was quickly pulling down six figures from her content on a monthly basis. That continued until October of last year when she made a TikTok video that sent her income through the roof.

Lynn started her answer to the question about how much she was reeling in by saying, “So I started in May 2021…Until like, October, this past October I would make, like, like $100k to $150k a month.”

“And then I made it a TikTok,” she told the shocked co-hosts.

She explained how another OnlyFans model had inspired her with a TiktTok video. The video was filmed as a day in the life of an OnlyFans creator.

Lynn saw the number of views and decided to make one of her own. She explained, “I vlogged, like, me getting ready for my OnlyFans shoot. And it did so f**king well, like, in October, this past October.”

“So now it’s like, like $350k a month. It’s insane.”

Who Knew Making Money As An Influencer Was So Easy?

That is indeed, insane. It’s the reason so many are getting into the subscription-based content game. Most aren’t going to hit $350,000 a month, but they might be able to scratch together a little walking around money.

Lynn has more than 340,000 followers on Instagram and almost 5 million on TikTok. Getting a few of them to subscribe for her explicit content isn’t as hard as someone starting at zero.

The large following also affords her the ability to shoot content once every two weeks. She puts in as many as 15 hours at a time, so we’re not talking about whipping a phone out and spending 15 minutes on content.

She’s running a major business operation here. Here’s what she revealed recently about her exclusive content shoots. She said, “On days that I’m shooting, I like to go to a hotel and film content for 12-15 hours so that I can get a few weeks of content in!”

“I like to try to go and do this every two weeks but in between that time I will randomly shoot any content that comes to mind,” she continued.

“I’ve never used a videographer or a photographer because I feel like that’s a little impersonal when it comes to something as intimate as this and it’s just so much more fun for me to do alone.”

There you hate it. You just need millions of followers, 12-15 hours every two weeks for some quality alone time, and something to shoot content with. Before you know it you’ll be sitting on your own OnlyFans empire.

Written by Sean Joseph

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