Troy Aikman Bashes NFL Quality Of Play: ‘Is This Professional Football?’

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Troy Aikman has continued to be one of the leading voices in the NFL since making the move from FOX to ESPN Monday Night Football.

The former Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback recently shared some strong thoughts on the poor quality of play throughout the league this season in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated.

After addressing the increased interest in the sport, Aikman dove into his blunt thoughts on the drop off when it comes to the product on the field.

“I just would like to see more emphasis on improving the product on the field,” Aikman said.

“I’d like to see that there’s some interest in that as well. It seems like all these decisions are made to increase revenue, which is great, but then it’s less time on the field for players, and then it’s less time here, and the product begins to erode a little bit, and and I think we’ve got to be really, really careful about that and I’ve been saying that for a while.”

Troy Aikman
Hall of Fame QB Troy Aikman believes the NFL quality of play is worse than ever

When asked to elaborate on the product eroding, Aikman said, “I think it’s the fundamentals of the sport. Football is the only sport that you can’t practice the way that you play it. All the other sports get to go practice and then go and play. In football you don’t and so we see the fundamentals of tackling aren’t what they once were.”

Finally — the Hall of Fame passer delivered a blunt assessment, noting there were times where he questioned if he was even watching professional football.

“There were games that we watched, and I won’t say what network most of them were on, and I had to ask myself, ‘Is this professional football?’ There was some bad bad football being played, and that’s not good.

Troy Aikman

While there were ugly games throughout the season, many of them fell on Thursday night during Amazon’s first year carrying the sport.

Aikman certainly makes a point, but it’s fair to question whether the NFL will do anything to fix the problem with billions coming in and the sport seemingly becoming more popular as each season passes.

The Dallas Cowboys’ legend has never been afraid to speak his mind. During a Monday Night Football broadcast earlier this season after an egregious ‘roughing the passer’ call on Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones, Aikman made a remark on how soft the league has gotten, telling NFL players “to take off the dresses.

He faced a slew of backlash, but clearly it hasn’t stopped him from sharing his opinion.

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  1. Why should we be surprised? The NFL is legislating out aggressive defensive play – hard hits often come with costly penalties and that coupled with lower football IQ means we are destined for Pro-Bowl style of all-offense type of game. In 10 years it may be a flag football league.

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