Troy Aikman Says It’s Time ‘We Take The Dresses Off’ After Another Atrocious Roughing QB Call; Woke Mob Loses Their Minds

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ESPN Monday Night Football analyst Troy Aikman is facing heavy pressure after saying something, live on air, that wasn’t very politically correct.

During Monday Night Football’s coverage of the egregious ‘roughing the passer’ call on Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones, Aikman made a remark on how soft the league has gotten, telling NFL players “to take off the dresses.”

Here’s the play that drew Aikman’s comments:

And here’s what the former QB had to say:

It didn’t take long for the PC mob to rip Aikman as a “misogynist” and calling on ESPN to discipline the play-by-play vet over a nothing burger of a remark.

How long until Aikman’s forced to apologize? We’re all counting the ticks.

More egregious than Troy Aikman’s commentary was the call on Jones, which came on a sack strip of Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr.

ESPN's Troy Aikman has run afoul of the woke mob for a comment about this roughing the passer call on Monday Night Football.
ESPN’s Troy Aikman has run afoul of the woke mob for a comment about this roughing the passer call on Monday Night Football. (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

OutKick’s Dan Zaksheske detailed the scene, which was chaotic from the ground to the stands.


The referees flagged Jones for shifting his body weight on Carr during the sack, which got zero support from Chiefs fans and NFL fans alike.

The stadium turned into an absolute riot as Chiefs Kingdom booed the hell out of officials until they went red in the face.

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  1. OMG….what a bunch of pansy’s!!! Troy, tell everyone who is butthurt by your statement that it gives you a chub knowing that it offended them and that you’re living in their heads!!! GTFOY you bunch of woke losers

  2. I don’t think a Pro Football Hall of Famer and Super Bowl MVP is gonna lose much sleep over what a bunch of woke pussies say about him or the game of football. Our next generation is nothing but a bunch of pussies. Pussies galore. Pussies I tell ya!

  3. Funny that most of the offended comments above are from men, not women. Guess these big burley men need to protect all the small, frail, afraid to speak for themselves women in our society. To all these men, GET A LIFE!

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