Troy Aikman Spotted With Much Younger Woman In Italy

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Troy Aikman appears to be on a bit of a roll lately.

Fresh off getting a positive beer review on OutKick for his Eight Elite Light Lager, Aikman decided to spend some time with Haley Clark in Italy, according to the New York Post.

She posted photos of them soaking up some sun together before deciding to make her Instagram private. The New York Post noted there’s been no official divorce announcement involving his wife Catherine.

However, the two definitely appeared to be getting close in Italy. You can see the PDA photo in the tweet below from the New York Post.

Troy Aikman hits up Italy.

What a roll it’s been for Troy Aikman over the past few days. First, Eight Elite Light Lager scored very high on my infamously tough beer test.

People who send me beer know the rules. I will taste it and score it accurately. Will it sink or swim? That’s for the taste buds to decide.

Aikman’s beer was refreshing and solid. It was definitely two thumbs up. That’s good for him because he declared it was “great f*cking beer.” Expectations were high.

Now, fresh off a major beer victory, he split to Italy with he split to Italy with a woman 22 years younger than him, according to the New York Post.

Are they dating? Was this random? It’s impossible to say right now, and Haley Clark has locked up her social media accounts. A classic move once something goes viral.

She posted a photo of herself kissing Troy Aikman, who has been divorced for a few years. Aikman never officially announced his divorce, according to the same New York Post report.

Haley Clark shows PDA with Troy Aikman in Italy. (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)

Say whatever you want about Troy Aikman, but the man seems to be living his best life. He’s crushing the beer game, has a massive broadcasting contract and is in Italy with a woman he appears to like a lot. What a life to live.

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