Troy Aikman Gives Obvious Take On Why Cowboys Can’t Get It Together In The Playoffs

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Troy Aikman knows a thing or two about the Dallas Cowboys organization. Now, he has offered his diagnosis on why his old team can’t get it done anymore come playoff time.

And his answer was kind of obvious.

“They are really good, and they’ve got really good players,” Aikman said while at an event promoting his beer, per the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “The organization has done a fantastic job. I think the coaches have done a great job. The players. All of it. They have won a lot of games. The problem for them, and they don’t need me to tell them this, they just have not played their best football when the games have mattered the most.”

So, the reason they haven’t played well in the playoffs… is that they haven’t played well in the playoffs.

Thanks for that, Troy.

I think we all know what he means though. You’ve got to peak at the right time, and for more than the last two decades, the Cowboys haven’t managed to hold off on their peak until January.

That and they’ve had a penchant for choking.

So What Would Aikman Sat Is The Fix

Anyway, maybe he had a fix for what ails the Cowboys.

“You say, ‘How do you change that?’ No one has the answer to that,” the Monday Night Football broadcaster said. “I don’t have the answer to that. For our teams (in the ‘90s), the reason we succeeded and did what we were able to do, the reason teams all win Super Bowls, is they play their best football in the biggest games.

“That’s the challenge for each and everyone of those players.”

Alright, I guess the answer can be that simple. The cure for not playing your best football in big games is to start playing your best football in big games.

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  1. He can’t speak the truth which is that it’s a QB league and their QB isn’t good enough to win in the postseason.

    The Cowboys have five SB titles. All with HoF QBs–Staubach and Aikman.

    When they have a HoF QB they win in the postseason. When they don’t, they don’t. It’s been that simple for six decades.

    The defending champs–Kansas City–have only one playoff win in their history [DeBerg ’91] without a HoF QB. Their two periods of postseason glory were Lenny Dawson and Patrick Mahomes. A LOT of great players and coaches in between but only one playoff win.

    It’s a QB league.

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