Unfunny Trevor Noah to Host Grammy Awards

Each year, the Grammy Awards become less and less credible because of the music and artists it honors. But it turns out that the Recording Academy isn’t just lost when it comes to music. It apparently also doesn’t know humor. On Tuesday, CBS announced that the least funny person on TV is going to host the show.

Yes, that’s right, Trevor Noah, the guy who has tanked The Daily Show into irrelevance.

Last Thursday, Noah failed to reach even 650,000 viewers. How could that be with these laugh-out-loud segments?

Ha. Ha.

Or with known comedic guests like Bill Gates?

But wait, not even 700,00 people gather together for this next masterpiece of humor?

Noah did recently pull a Jon Stewart and make the news. Noah couldn’t hold his laughter back with this gem:

“Basically, what I’m saying is Donald Trump is trying to grab the election by the p*ssy.”


Noah previewed what’s to come:

“Despite the fact that I am extremely disappointed that the Grammys have refused to have me sing or be nominated for best pop album, I am thrilled to be hosting this auspicious event.

“I think as a one-time Grammy nominee, I am the best person to provide a shoulder to all the amazing artists who do not win on the night because I too know the pain of not winning the award! (This is a metaphorical shoulder, I’m not trying to catch Corona.) See you at the 63rd Grammys!”

Don’t worry, Twitter, he’s offering only a “metaphorical shoulder.”

The Queen’s Gambit on January 31st, 2021, it is.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers any news story that deserves attention but focuses on media. His interests include reading Stephen King novels, avoiding traffic on the road, and pretending to solve true-crime mysteries. He still believes Cersei should've won and encourages everyone to always question the news.


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