Trevor Lawrence Is Becoming The Vocal Champion For Playing College Football This Season

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence may be the player who needs this college football season the least. Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence may be the player that wants this college football the most.

Lawrence is roundly projected to be among the first one players picked in the NFL Draft and if this season does or does not happen very little will change that. He has spent the last few days being the most vocal supporter of getting back on the field.

He may be the most important voice in the matter.

He confirmed his desire to play by telling reporters that he will be back on the field, if he and his teammates are allowed.

“I don’t want to give up that opportunity to play another year at Clemson,” he said. “I’m really excited to have at least one more year here and I wasn’t ready to give that up.”

Lawrence, who got engaged just over three weeks ago and already had to defend his coach for a “football matters” t-shirt this spring, could end his career as one of the most decorated players of all time.

He has already won a National Freshman of the Year, an ACC Rookie of the Year Award, a College Football Championship – where he was named the MVP of the game, played in a second championship and is on pace to set numerous Clemson records that would unseat DeShaun Watson from the books.

The simple fact remains that there is a battle between the liberally principled University presidents in major conferences and the players and coaches who want to be on the field.

Having the best player on what could prove to be the best team may be the greatest advocate for seeing college football this season. Even if he does not need to play another snap.

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  1. I’m not comparing myself to Trevor Lawrence except to say this: there are a lot of people who are scared to speak up right now. I went and spoke at our school board meeting a couple of weeks ago and was very vocal with my opinion that everyone needs to stop panicking and get back to normal.

    35k kids in our district, only 5 speakers at the meeting and I was the only one who said “cut this political BS out and do what’s right for the kids”. And in the end, they voted to start school on time. But that’s not the point.

    The point is that when I came out of the meeting, my phone and my Facebook BLEW UP with people calling and texting to thank me for my comments and saying how much they agree with what I said. Why are you thanking me? If you agree with me, COME SPEAK AT THE DAMN MEETING!

    ALL of this BS right now is being led by a vocal minority of citizens and politicians who are pandering to them. There really is a silent majority of Americans who want to get back to normal and quit playing these games over the flu, but they’re too scared to say anything.

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