Travis Kelce’s Mom Calls Him A Girl For Being A Fashionista & A Dancer

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A major storyline coming out of Super Bowl LVII between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles is the Kelce brothers going head-to-head for a ring. It’s the first time in the history of the NFL that brothers will play against each other in the Super Bowl.

Naturally, the Kelce brothers’ mother, Donna, has received some attention because of this. There was a petition started to have her do the pre-game coin flip. She has a split Chiefs-Eagles jersey with her two sons’ numbers on it and she brought cookies for the two during the Super Bowl week activities.

Donna Kelce Jason Kelce Travis Kelce Kelce Bowl
Travis Kelce’s mom calls him a girl (Image Credit: New Heights/TikTok)

Donna’s newfound fame earned her an invite to Travis and Jason’s podcast New Heights. While there she maintained that she’ll be rooting for both offense’s during the “Kelce Bowl,” as its been dubbed.

Momma Kelce wants points this Super Bowl and a lot of them. She said during her appearance that she wants this Super Bowl to be the highest scoring Super Bowl on record.

Both teams could certainly accomplish that. After digging at Donna for a little bit about who she was really rooting for they moved on to other topics.

The topic of her wanting a girl when she was pregnant with Travis came up. She admitted that she was hoping for a girl, but Momma Kelce didn’t stop there. She then torched the Chiefs tight end by saying that he was a girl.

The Kelce Bowl Is Off To A Hot Start

Jason started things off by asking his mother about wanting a girl. He asked, “How disappointed were you when Travis was announced as a boy?”

Travis laughed as Donna replied, “No, no I was not.”

“I was hoping for a girl,” she admitted. “But I got one. He’s a fashionista.”

The comment caused all three of them to breakout in laughter. Travis eventually replies to his mother’s joke, “I see where this is going, you two.”

Donna put a cherry on top by adding that Travis is also a dancer. They then got into who Travis was named after and she revealed that she’s been lying to the entire family about the origins of his name.

It turns out the real star in the Kelce family is mom.

Written by Sean Joseph

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