Travis Kelce Says He Spiked A Lombardi Trophy Replica, Not The Real Deal

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Travis Kelce’s onstage antics that involved chugging a beer off of, and then spiking the Lombardi Trophy turns out to have been a ruse that involved a stunt double for the iconic trophy.

The incident that horrified trophy lovers everywhere happened over the weekend at the NFL Draft. The Chiefs tight end was hosting a music festival called “Kelce Fest” on Friday night. Performers included Rick Ross and Machine Kelly, but by all accounts, people still had a good time.

The man of the hour came on stage at one point and chugged either a beer or a canned tequila cocktail (there are conflicting reports) off of the Lombardi Trophy, then attempted to spike it through the Earth’s crust.

Well, it turns out that Kelce used one of the oldest tricks in the book and had a stunt Lombardi on hand to take some bumps in place of the real one.

He talked about this on a recent episode of his podcast, New Heights which he does with his brother, Eagles center Jason Kelce.

The Kelce’s watched the footage of the incident on the show.

“There’s the footage of you desecrating a historied trophy of the NFL in more ways than one… how did it feel to slam an icon?” Jason asked his brother.

“The people are absolutely f—ing ill if you think I would ever disrespect the actual Lombardi Trophy like that,” Travis responded. He added that it was “1000%” a replica.

That makes sense, but it wouldn’t be the first time someone sent the Lombardi Trophy for a ride. Remember when the Buccaneers nearly lost it in Tampa Bay?

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