Man Of The People Jason Kelce Downs Beers With Fans After Eagles Selected Jalen Carter

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The Eagles seemed pretty pleased with taking Jalen Carter with the 9th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. Their fans seemed to be pretty pumped about it too, and so did the team’s center, Jason Kelce.

Kelce was in Kansas City — which is traditionally his brother’s stomping grounds — and took some time to give a toast to the newest Eagle with some fans who had made the trek.

That’s a man who has celebrated his team’s draft decision before. That was some stellar form. Great over-hand grip on the cup, too. That’s something you hone over the years of pouring beer down your gullet.

That was not the only on-camera chugging that Kelce through down in Kansas City.

Someone handed him a bottle of Bud Light — in fairness to him, that was probably all that was on hand since the draft was sponsored by the light beer everyone loves to hate — and he downed that too.

There have been some great characters in Philadelphia Sports over the years and Jason Kelce is going to go down as one of them. It isn’t just that it looks like he’s going to play his entire career for the Birds. It’s his “Man of the People” demeanor.

Remember this?

It’s not like he needed to ingratiate himself to the Eagles faithful, so it sure seems like Kelce just genuinely enjoys partying it up with fans and being part of the Philly sports landscape.

Pretty cool.

Last month, Kelce announced his plan to play for at least one more year, in his own inimitable style.

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