Jason Kelce Announces He’s Not Retiring: ‘I Ain’t F*cking Done’

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Jason Kelce’s time in the NFL isn’t over yet.

The star Philadelphia Eagles center announced Monday that he’s made the decision to keep playing, and he used some colorful language in the viral tweet.

“Thank you to all my supporters and detractors for fueling me, I ain’t f*cking done yet,” Kelce wrote.

The show goes on for Jason Kelce.

Kelce will turn 36 in November of his 13th season. That’s a dinosaur by NFL standards. Most players are out of the league by 30.

He’s a punishing offensive lineman and is deep into his 30s. That’s nothing short of incredibly impressive.

After winning a Super Bowl ring, being a five-time first-team All-Pro and a six time Pro Bowl selection, he decided that he hadn’t had enough gridiron action just yet.

Eagles star Jason Kelce announces he will continue his NFL career. (Photo by Adam Bow/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

That’s the kind of gritty attitude and spirit that has made Jason Kelce a hero to Eagles fans. He’s a major part of the franchise in a way most centers aren’t.

Can you name more than few starting centers in the NFL? Jason Kelce, who is the older brother of Travis Kelce, is hands down the most famous, and the city he’s called home since he was drafted in 2011 has embraced him with open arms.

After nearly winning his second ring, Kelce is ready to run it back, once again. The fact he threw a little f-bomb action into the announcement was just the cherry on top.

Jason Kelce announces he’s not retiring. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

Jason Kelce should also be ready to get another significant payday here. He signed a re-structured one-year deal for $9 million last March. Now, it’s time for him to get paid. He’s made more than $70 million so far in his career, and you can guarantee that number will go up several more millions going into next season.

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