Jason Kelce’s Extremely Pregnant Wife To Bring OBGYN To Super Bowl Just In Case

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When the Philadelphia Eagles play the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl next Sunday, Jason Kelce will face off against his brother Travis. The Kelce Bowl has dominated headlines since the NFC and AFC Championships.

Buried within that narrative, though, is one of the more unique Super Bowl stories— Jason’s wife, Kylie. Kylie is currently pregnant with her and Jason’s third child.

And she’s not just pregnant, but very, very pregnant.

When Kylie pulls up to State Farm Stadium on Feb. 12, 2023, she will be 38 weeks into her pregnancy. Full-term pregnancies are 40 weeks, so the third Kelce kid could be coming any day now.

Assuming that the child holds off over the next nine days, Kylie is not taking any chances in Arizona. Her husband, the 35-year-old starting center for Philadelphia, recently revealed on he and his brother’s ‘New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce’ podcast that her OBGYN will also be in attendance.

That could be a SUPER Kelce bowl. If she has a baby in the stadium, it’s officially scripted.

— Jason Kelce

Considering the amount of emotional ups and downs in any football game, let alone the Super Bowl, there is a realistic chance that the Kelce baby could decide that it’s time. The excitement of the moment may induce labor, and that’s where the OBGYN comes into play.

Although details are unclear, it sounds like Kylie and Jason are flying her doctor out to Glendale, putting her up for the weekend, and allotting her one of the family’s tickets. Otherwise, how can she be there, right?

Not a bad weekend for the OBGYN! The pressure is officially on.

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