Travis Kelce Is Better At Catching Balls Than Throwing Them As First Pitch Comes Up Extremely Short

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Travis Kelce is one of the greatest tight ends in NFL history, so obviously he spends more time catching balls instead of throwing them.

This was crystal clear when the Super Bowl champion tight end took the mound to throw out a ceremonial first pitch at a Cleveland Guardians game on Friday.

Maybe it was the fact that his mom — star of Super Bowl LVII, Donna Kelce — was watching, or maybe it was the gravity of being an Ohio native and throwing the fist pitch in Cleveland.

Whatever, the reason was, there’s no denying that Kelce completely muffed the first pitch.

Kelce Broke The First Rule Of First Pitches: Get It Across The Plate

Major props on rushing in to cover home. That’s the least he could do after bouncing one several feet in front of the plate and being bout a foot from decapitating Shane Bieber and nearly drilling a photographer. Even the Guardians’ mascot (whatever it’s supposed to be) looked horrified.

Just a bad look all around.

I’ve always said, if you’re throwing out a first pitch, that thing just needs to get across the plate. If that means it’s closer to landing in the broadcast booth than in the catcher’s mitt, at least you look like you have a cannon for a right arm.

The same rules apply to half-court shots. Just hit the backboard at the absolute minimum. Everyone will be like, “Oh he was just off target but he’s definitely not weak; he hit the backboard.”

Kelce shorted that one a little bit and that’s a tough one to come back. That dude has it all, but I guarantee you he’ll be watching that Guardians game with a thousand-yard stare as he replays that first pitch in his head, over and over and over…

In fairness, it wasn’t the worst pitch ever. It wasn’t 50 Cent bad.

However, it was nowhere as silky-smooth as John Daly’s pitch from last season. That was a thing of beauty.

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