‘Transformers’ Trailer Pulled For Foolishly Showing Twin Towers Engulfed In Smoke

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Perhaps showing the Twin Towers engulfed in smoke in a scene eerily similar to the 9/11 attacks wasn’t the best move for the new Transformers movie?

Didn’t think I’d have to spell that out for someone in 2023, but sometimes you just overlook some things, I reckon.

The trailer for the next Transformers installment — Rise of the Beasts — was pulled from the official Twitter account Tuesday after fans went nuts over the above scene in question.

And while the movie takes place in 1994 — seven years before the Sept. 11 attacks — that wasn’t enough of an explanation to satisfy viewers.

For some reason, Paramount still has the trailer up, so take a gander while you can!

Transformers fans rail against new trailer after 9/11 imagery


What are we doing here? How does someone see that and not say, ‘You know what? Maybe we pull it back just a touch?’

Seriously, it seems like a pretty easy red flag to catch. Sept. 11 isn’t exactly a little known event in this country, or the world for that matter.

But alas, the folks in the editing room cut it up and spit it out onto the web, where it was instantly dragged through the mud by anyone with half a brain.

We live and learn, I guess.

I’ve never seen a Transformers movie, so I can’t really speak to much else. This wouldn’t anger me enough not to see this one if I was a fan, though. Just seems like a silly choice to make that could’ve been avoided in about two seconds.

To be fair, the folks over at Transformers don’t seem to smart to begin with. Don’t forget, earlier this month they were also ROASTED when fans caught wind of a non-binary characters being introduced in the animated series.

I’ve also just learned Transformers has an animated series, too. Who knew?!

Written by Zach Dean

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