Transformers, Emphasis On The First Syllable, Pushes Gender Ideology In Latest Paramount+ Series

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The worst you could say about director Michael Bay’s “Transformers” films was that they offered brain-dead thrills.

Those big, dumb movies made millions but rarely attempted to make us think a certain way about a given topic.

That’s hardly the same with the latest iteration of the popular toy series: “Transformers: EarthSpark.” The Paramount+ original series has plenty on its mind, particularly when it comes to indoctrinating young viewers with the latest gender “rules.”

The series, already renewed for a second season, follows a new strain of Transformer bots called Terrans adopted by a Philadelphia family. The show has flown mostly under the pop culture radar, especially given the buzz around the next big-screen “Transformers” film, “Rise of the Beasts” (out June 9)

The Paramount Transformers series went viral this week courtesy of Libs of Tik Tok.

The prolific Tweeter shares elements of the far-Left woke culture meant to embarrass progressives. She’s been so successful that The Washington Post sicced “journalist” Taylor Lorenz on her last year to silence her.

The blogger is far more damaging to the body politick than a president selling influence to corrupt regimes across the globe, eh?

The Libs Twitter account shared a sequence from “EarthSpark” that falls in line with other children’s show creators force-feeding gender indoctrination into their stories.

The clip in question involves NightShade, the saga’s first “non-binary” robot gently lecturing a human about pronouns.

“My pronouns are they/them,” the robot tells the human character. 

“I’m Sam. I’m she/they, but you knew that already,” she says.

The two share their confusion, and fear, about a world in which dangerous people (and robots) lurk. 

“I know I’m safe when I’m with friends or other non-binary people,” Sam says. (why is Sam automatically safe around non-binary people? Does that mean every non-binary person is gentle and kind? Goes against human nature, no, not to mention common sense…)

“Non-binary?” The robot asks.

“People who aren’t male or female,” Sam responds. (Because… science!)

“Oh, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have assumed. I always knew my pronouns felt right,” the robot says. “But what a wonderful world for a wonderful experience.”

Is that entertainment or indoctrination? That’s rhetorical.

In less than a day the Tweet generated nearly 6 million views. Americans are increasingly aware of how Hollywood is pushing an aggressive agenda on children.

Disney has heavily promoted gender lectures into its recent programming, including “Lightyear” and “Strange World,” two of the studio’s more prominent flops. The Disney+ series “Baymax!” also featured a trans character shopping for a sanitary napkin last year.

A Disney executive was caught on tape bragging about her “not so secret gay agenda” to Disney content.

“Steve Universe” and “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” similarly weave LGBTQ+ characters into their storylines.

It’s one reason Angel Studios, The Daily Wire and the upcoming Loor TV are focusing so heavily on children’s programming sans woke lectures. The Daily Wire has allotted $100 million toward the effort.

Still, many families wouldn’t be directly aware of these changes without social media.

Written by Christian Toto

Christian Toto is an award-winning film critic, journalist and founder of, the Right Take on Entertainment. He’s the author of “Virtue Bombs: How Hollywood Got Woke and Lost Its Soul” and a lifelong Yankees fan. Toto lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife, two sons and too many chickens.

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