Transgender Marathon Runner Who Beat 14,000 Women Offers To Give Medal Back, Admits ‘I’m Not A Woman’ While Pretending To Be One

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In November 2022, Glen Frank ran the New York City Marathon as a man. Five months later, the same Glen Frank ran the London Marathon as a trans woman under the name of Glenique Frank against biological females.

Frank managed to beat around 14,000 women in London and sparked major criticism after stopping to do an interview with BBC.

The biological male bragged about all the marathons he has competed in before shouting “girl power” and letting viewers know “I’m going to be a granny.”

Organizers of the London Marathon are enablers allowing a biological man to compete against females as other marathons require you to compete under the name and gender that is on your passport.

After rightfully being called out by critics who possess common sense and don’t want to see women’s sports destroyed, Frank said he’d be happy to give his medal back, as if that makes the situation right.

“If they want me to give my medal back, I’ll say, ‘OK, fine. No problem,'” Frank told the New York Post. “If they really think I’ve stolen the place [of a female runner], I don’t mind giving the medal back, because I’ll run again next year for charity.”

Frank admitted “I’m not a woman, I don’t have a womb,” but his theory on that may change as he stated his plans to pay $20,000 to have “top and bottom surgery” in 2024.

In March, UK Athletics prohibited trans athletes from competing in major events against competitors of the opposite gender. London Marathon organizers clearly chose to skirt around the rule and permit Frank to compete against females. Organizers claim that Frank’s registration had been submitted as a woman before the guidelines were put into place.

Written by Mark Harris

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