Trans Runner Competes In Marathon As Woman in London And Man In New York

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In November 2022, trans marathon runner Glen Frank entered the New York City Marathon as a man.

Five months later, participating in the London Marathon (Apr. 23), the biologically male Frank entered as “Glenique Frank” and raced against the female runners.

Trans Runner Sparks Backlash Over Advtanges, Flip-Flopping Gender

Donning a rainbow uniform, Frank crossed the finish line at the London Marathon and shouted “girl power” in a postrace interview. Frank also bragged about racing in an upcoming marathon as a woman and soon becoming a “granny.”

“I’ve just done Tokyo, I did New York last year,” Glenique Frank said, flexing his pythons for the TV audiences. “Next year, I’ll do No. 6 a week before London. So a week’s rest but…girl power!”

The biological male added, “I’ve also run in the Comrades Marathon in South Africa, where I’m from. Shout out to my beautiful son, who’s having a baby, so I’m going to be a granny … Granny G!”

Now, UK Athletics is getting trampled for “enabling” trans competitors in women’s sports with Frank’s inclusion.

Women Speak Up Against UK Athletics, London Marathon

Famed British Olympian runner Mara Yamauchi, via The Telegraph, spoke against Glenique Frank’s inclusion in the contest, calling it Others criticized Frank for overlooking the physical advantages as the ongoing debate surrounding transgender athletes rages on.

“World Athletics and UK Athletics have rules that post-puberty males competing in the female category is unfair. This male competed under UK Athletics’ transitional arrangements, but it is still wrong and unfair,” Yamauchi said.

In March, UK Athletics decided to prohibit trans athletes from competing in major events against competitors of the opposite gender. When it came to Glenique, the event runners chose to skirt around the rule and permit the biological male to join, claiming the registration had been submitted as a woman before the guidelines were put into place.

The flip-flopping trans runner blithely entering the women’s competition and ignoring the physical advantages have been part of the larger discussion surrounding women’s sports; while some prioritize identity in the discussion of trans athletes, it’s coming at the cost of women’s prize earnings and odds of winning an event.

Glen Frank Acknowledges Backlash…And Apologizes?

Former University of Cumbria lecturer Cathy Devine also spoke up to bash Frank and UK Athletics’ decisions leading up to the London Marathon.

“This is what the London Marathon is enabling,” Devine said.

“Zero categories that exclude male performance advantage. Goddess forbid that female runners should have their own category celebrating what women runners can do.”

Frank claimed to have participated with the women in London because of his perceived identity. He admitted to hearing the backlash surrounding the London Marathon and will compete in the men’s categories moving forward to not upset legends of the sport like Yamauchi.

“I wasn’t intending to mislead the public, but I apologize for entering under the female category.” Frank said.

He added, via the New York Post, “I did [the race in] four hours, 11 minutes. There’s lots of women that beat me. … And I’ll still do it in four hours and I won’t steal anybody’s money.”

On Monday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton gave an exclusive quote to OutKick on transgender athletes’ threat to women’s athletics and how the political Left in the United States is fighting to ruin parity for female competitors, young and old.


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  1. TERFs and conservatives are the only bastion against this insanity. At some point an alliance will have to be made. How does it happen, I don’t know. But not pushing back hard enough will lead to very, very dark things. Ask yourself: is it a coincidence that after gay marriage was hamfisted into legality via the Supreme Court, that the rainbow collective and their idiotic straight allies in the democrat party have moved to transvestites? Of course not. What’s after that? Bestiality? Something even worse? Dark clouds on the horizon.

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