Tracy Cortez Drops New Instagram Content After UFC Drama

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Tracy Cortez appears to be in high spirits after some recent online drama.

The popular UFC fighter was entangled in a serious online spat featuring her ex-fiancé Brian Ortega. The fellow UFC athlete saw a photo of her with Paulo Costa that the latter had tweeted.

Ortega implied he didn’t fumble his relationship with Cortez but purposely threw it away. It was a bizarre thing to publicly state, and caused a bit of an online firestorm.

Well, Cortez isn’t letting the drama drag her down. She dropped some new Instagram content Monday afternoon for her fans, and made sure to include a little bikini action.

If she’s down in the dumps after the exchange with Ortega, she’s certainly not showing it.

Tracy Cortez isn’t worried about the outside noise.

This right here is how you handle the haters. Why let your ex bring you down into the mud over a photo that apparently wasn’t even legit.

Cortez claims she’s nothing more than friends with Paulo Costa, who does have a girlfriend.

Instead of getting in the mud and continuing to sling it back and forth, she stated her piece and moved on.

“Let me just say that to this day, I’ve yet to say anything negative about you or bash your name! Don’t start throwing shade now. I’m blessed,” Cortez tweeted at the start of July when the drama between her, Ortega and Costa was unfolding.

Turns out Dana White’s fighters know how to get people talking inside and outside the octagon.

Tracy Cortez shares new Instagram content after online drama with ex-fiancé Brian Ortega. (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

Cortez is rolling, not worried about any smoke her ex-fiancé Brian Ortega might try throwing her way and is still killing it on Instagram.

The woman isn’t slowing down, and doesn’t care who might not like it. If she keeps this energy up in the octagon, then her opponents are in for a bad time.

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