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Top 5 NFL Draft Value Picks Of All Time

As part of a new OutKick 360 segment with the working title “Top Five Tuesday,” today we feature our own Dan “Don’t @ Me” Dakich and his reflections on which picks in the entire history of the NFL Draft got their respective team the best bang for their buck.

Without further ado, let’s go to the tape:

In sum, Dan gives us the following list:

5. Dan Marino 27th (MIA – 1983)

4. Richard Dent 203rd (CHI – 1983)

3. Walter Payton 4th (CHI – 1975)

2. Montana 82nd (SF – 1979)

1. Brady 199th (NE – 2000)


Couple of things to notice here: 1) In the 85 years or so that we’ve had an NFL Draft, the picks from 1983 apparently gave teams the best ROI. So perhaps the Jaguars and Lions should check out some old Draft film and take some notes. 2) Chicago apparently used to have a keen eye for underrated players. We’re not sure what happened to that Draft acumen in the last forty years or so, but perhaps some seasoned front office executive in the Windy City can revive that magic again soon.

Some of these picks are a no-brainer and won’t spark any heated debates. However, if you think Dakich is dead wrong on one or all of them, post your objections in the comments below. And don’t forget to bring the receipts.

Written by Cortney Weil


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