Toothy Canadian Man Tells Dictator Justin Trudeau & His Lib Lib Henchmen To Stop Telling Him How Many Beers He Can Drill

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A real war of words is brewing in Canada between beer drinkers and the pretty boy dictator, Justin Trudeau and one toothy hero is snapping back at ridiculous new alcohol consumption guidelines from his government.

Late last week, Canadian dictator Trudeau and his henchmen released new alcohol consumption guidelines stating no amount of alcohol is safe to consume. The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse and Addiction is now recommending citizens consume two standard drinks per week. That number was 15(!) for men and 10 drinks per week for women under the old guidelines.

The country says a standard drink is:

• (1) 12 oz. bottle of beer

• (1) 5 oz. glass of 12% alcohol wine

• (1) 1.5 oz. shot of 40% alcohol

And you should be having just two of those per week, according to the new guidelines.

As you’d expect, this news isn’t going over well with the locals who’ve had to live through Trudeau’s ridiculous COVID dictatorship and now they’re being told how many beers they can crush.

‘Can’t Handle The Tooth’ Guy is officially a viral sensation after his interview with Ontario’s CHCH TV where Tooth guy told Canadian dictator Justin Trudeau and his henchmen to shove their new alcohol consumption guidelines. / Twitter / Getty Images

Enter ‘Can’t Handle The Tooth’ Guy.

Ontario TV station CHCH TV was doing interviews outside a store when they met Dino, who really let the government have it over these new guidelines (wink, wink…they’ll eventually find a way to track how many drinks citizens are having) and ‘Can’t Handle The Tooth’ Guy is absolutely pissed.

Remember, Dino had to live through the Dark Ages when Trudeau’s henchmen in Ontario closed golf courses because they were going to spread the ‘VID. We’re talking about a country where cops closed down pond hockey during COVID.

Dino likes his BEER

Now the pols want to tell Dino how many Busch Lights he can crush.

“I bought six Busch Lights and six Bud Lights and I love them. Tall boys,” Dino told CHCH TV as he left a beer store.

The reporter immediately presses Dino for how many beers he’d crush in a day.

“Well, what day?” our new hero fired back.

And just like that, we’re dealing with a new viral Internet star.

“On a regular day, I don’t know, maybe uh, couple beers. Depends. Weekends, maybe five beer,” Dino continues.

Then the reporter tells Dino the big news from the government. There are new guidelines, Dino.

“Two beers a week?” our hero says upon learning the news. “That’s just not feasible, not in this country. C’mon man, two drinks a week, what’s that going to do for ya? I mean, that doesn’t even get you through a day.”

Dino says he’d probably say 4-to-6 beers a day is fine.

“There shouldn’t even be guidelines anyway. Why are you gonna tell me how much I can drink at home? Why are they telling me what I can drink at home?” Dino continues.

And please watch the end of the interview. It’s a moment the Internet will remember for the next decade.

God bless Dino and the other Real Canadians who have to deal with Trudeau and that government that is loaded by population control maniacs who refuse to allow the citizens to live free.

Now go grab a case of beer as a huge f-you to Justin. Suck down four or six in honor of Dino.

Dino, the toothy Canadian, has words for these ridiculous new alcohol consumption guidelines. / Twitter

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