Golf Course Tells Canadian Government Goons To Suck It, Defies Shutdown Order, Golfers Fined

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While you’ve been busy enjoying a few spring rounds of golf to get the game tuned up for the scramble season, across the northern border in Ontario, Canada there’s a war raging between golfers and the Canadian government over COVID restrictions. New stay-at-home restrictions were issued in the province in mid-April, and those restrictions included the closure of golf courses.

The provincial government said the restrictions were due to “continued and concerning growth in COVID-19 case rates, the threat on the province’s hospital system capacity (and) the increasing risks posed by COVID-19 variants.”

Fully fed up with the ridiculous closures, a southern Ontario golf course, The Bridges at Tillsonburg, opened their doors April 24 and told golfers they weren’t going to follow the order. Golfers filled up the course’s booking system, and it didn’t take long before the government goons hammered the course with charges under the Reopening Ontario Act that could result in a $10 million (CAD) fine.

Still, the course isn’t backing down, and golfers are loving it. This past week, Tillsonburg was fully booked for four straight days and was scheduled to be fully booked through Sunday afternoon. Meanwhile, the government goons were surveilling those who were playing golf — police were literally watching people play golf — and have charged 19 golfers with defying the Reopening Act, which could result in a $750 fine for playing a round of golf.

Now comes the really interesting development. A provincial politician says talks are underway focusing on which outdoor activities can resume. “What the scientists have told us is that outdoor activities generally, if you can socially distance, keep that two metres apart, and when you can’t, mask appropriately, that having the opportunity to be outside, to get some exercise, is excellent and it is good for our mental health,” Solicitor General Sylvia Jones told a Canadian TV station Friday.

Would you look at that? The golfers fought back and suddenly the goons are holding discussions on which activities they’re willing to allow. It’s not just golf that was closed down. The government goons closed down picnic tables, shelters, disk golf, and all sorts of other sporting activities held outdoors.

The goons even tried to close playgrounds until people lost their minds, causing the goons to reconsider.

As for golf in Ontario, golf journalists are starting to feel brave and the likes of Canadian golfer Brooke Henderson from the LPGA are speaking out. The pressure will ultimately crush the government goons. It’s just a matter of time.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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