Tony Romo Responds To Recent Broadcast Criticism: ‘Stay True To Who You Are’

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During his first few seasons in the CBS booth, the majority of NFL fans out there would agree that Tony Romo was excellent. He and Jim Nantz had a great cadence, they didn’t step on one another’s toes, and the former Dallas Cowboy offered new, refreshing insight.

Fast-forward to this season, his fifth, and Romo is no longer the new guy. NFL fans have gotten used to him, his breakdown of plays, and even his mannerisms and catchphrases.

In other words, some NFL fans have gotten tired of hearing Romo and have voiced their criticisms about his time in the broadcast booth this past season. It’s not just fans though, CBS has noticed a bit of a slip from Romo during games as well.

Some NFL fans appear to have grown tired of Tony Romo. (Photo by Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images)

Romo is human, he’s hearing NFL fans call him out and he sees the various articles and tweets written about him, but also understands that it’s impossible to please everyone.

“You’ve gotta stay true to who you are,” Romo told BroBible. “You can’t please everyone. I know that because the number of people who come up to me has quadrupled since the first two or three years.”

“The thing is, the people who really love you aren’t gonna keep going out of their way to say, “I love you.” They’re not going to keep tweeting “He’s the best” every week, right? So, that goes away and then you hear more negative stuff, but that’s just noise.”

“At the end of the day, my goal is just for the viewer at home to really feel the game.”

Romo won’t be involved in this year’s Super Bowl broadcast with Fox being the exclusive home for the big game, but he and Nantz will get a shot next year with CBS on the call for Super Bowl LVIII.

Written by Mark Harris

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