Tony Khan Buys Major Wrestling Promotion

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Tony Khan, the CEO of All Elite Wrestling, has purchased the Ring of Honor wrestling promotion from Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Khan made the announcement on Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite:

“Ring of Honor’s influence on modern professional wrestling is etched permanently in the history books, and this acquisition ensures that its legacy will be kept alive and treated with the utmost respect,” Khan said in a statement.

Ring of Honor — which has been on hiatus since late 2021 after announcing a business restructure — is a 20-year-old wrestling promotion that formed after the collapse of WCW, formerly the second-largest wrestling brand in the country.

While ROH never reached the mainstream heights that Khan’s AEW already has, it’s a favorite among hardcore wrestling fans. In fact, many of AEW’s biggest stars began their careers in RoH. To name about 10:

Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks, Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, Adam Cole, Britt Baker, Hangman Adam Page, Keith Lee, Christopher Daniels and Jon Moxley.

ROH’s history with these performers makes Khan’s acquisition significant across the business industry. Khan now owns ROH’s entire library, which dates back to 2002.

“This deal adds thousands of hours of content to our rapidly growing library and creates new opportunities to expand our footprint on a national and global scale, while having the potential to produce new content under the ROH banner,” Khan adds.

“I will immediately begin exploring opportunities to make ROH’s video library available to fans.”

Khan will have the opportunity to license the AEW and ROH libraries to any number of streaming services. For context, NBC’s Peacock paid $1 billion to secure exclusive rights to WWE’s extensive library. There’s a market for wrestling.

It’s unclear how much Khan paid for Ring of Honor. But because Sinclair is publicly traded, it will likely disclose details from the purchase.

Tony Khan and his father Shad, the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, together own All Elite Wrestling.

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  1. I know the wrestling guys on this site aren’t plentiful, but this is pretty big news for the industry, if done correctly. I don’t know any details yet, but I’m hoping he keeps ROH running as a “separate” entity, and does what Vince messed up doing when he bought WCW and ECW 20 years ago. It has the potential for some great storytelling. And before anyone says anything, yes, I know wrestling is “fake”. lol
    But I’ll say this, with the way pro sports has continued to piss me off over the last several years, I’ve learned to appreciate more and more the weekly entertainment that wrestling provides. They rarely disappoint. Since I had tix to spring training games in Lakeland next week, I think I’ll just go to Revolution, the Players Championship, and potentially other instead. If baseball doesn’t want my money, I’ll give it to someone else.

  2. This is workrate mark garbage and Tony Khan is a trust fund baby SJW bitch who employs other whiny SJW’s (including a dude in the women’s division, a no-no in Outkick circles) with no charisma and no mainstream appeal. If he really paid $30 million-plus then you can add “idiiot” to that list because Sinclair played this guy big time.

    No wonder Cody Rhodes left. Bobby must’ve missed that story.

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