Tony Dungy Says He Told His Super Bowl Team To Go Out And Party

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Former Super Bowl winning Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy gave some insight and advice as to how a team can remain calm during Super Bowl week.

Dungy joined OutKick 360 and spoke about how he and the Colts dealt with the high-stressed environment that includes plenty of media, fans and festivities.

Dungy’s advice? Just party. The former head coach reiterating the same advice he told his own team years ago, to just go out, live it up and just have fun.


“It’s a long week, they feel like they’ve been there forever. They’re going to want to play this game today if they could… And just handling the last 48 hours, that’s something where experience does come in,” the Super Bowl winning coach said.

When asked about what advice he would give a head coach such as the Eagles’ Nick Sirianni, who is making his first Super Bowl appearance, Dungy stressed how important it is to just be human.

“Let the players enjoy the week, enjoy the moment. I told my guys we had Monday and Tuesday no curfew… I told them to just relax, enjoy the week and then we’re going to gear in 48 hours before the game,” Dungy said.

So essentially he is telling NFL players, many of whom are multi-millionaires to party for 48 hours. Well said, Tony!

I mean hey, it worked for his Colts team when they won Super Bowl XLI.

Tony Dungy joined OutKick 360 to discuss this week’s Super Bowl. . (Photo by Icon Sportswire)


You know what though? I completely agree with Tony Dungy’s take here.

Anyone who’s ever played sports knows that it’s important to balance being loose, carefree and not being too stressed, while also being able to be focused when the time comes.

It does nobody any good if a player is stressed for the entire week before the kick off even happens. You need to be able to breathe, as Dungy explained.

Plus let’s be honest – we’re talking about the Super Bowl!

The players have battled week in and week out all season long. They’ve faced injuries, overcome challenges and tough opponents, and know what’s at stake tomorrow night in Glendale, Arizona. They know exactly how difficult it is to get to the Super Bowl, they literally just went through it.

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It’s a once in a lifetime experience and opportunity. Something the players and coaching staff (as well as the fans) have been waiting years to happen. And when it finally does? One needs to take it all in because it very may well never happen again.

We will see just how the players react when all eyes will be on them tomorrow night for Super Bowl LVII.

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