Tommy Pham Faces MLB Investigation for Slapping Joc Pederson

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Stashing? Cheating? Slapping?

That’s right, this story has it all. On Friday afternoon, Reds OF Tommy Pham allegedly slapped Giants OF Joc Pederson over a Fantasy Football disagreement, and now MLB has gotten involved.

Pham allegedly confronted Pederson on the field during batting practice at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati on Friday before the two teams were scheduled to face off later that night. Their argument became so heated that Pham supposedly struck Pederson across the face. Giants then requested that the Reds remove Pham from the lineup for that evening, and the Reds complied.

Listen to Pederson give his version of events:

“I don’t think violence is the answer, I guess you could say.”

We couldn’t agree more, Joc.

Now, MLB is conducting its own investigation of the incident as well, which should set things aright. After all, this is the same professional sports league that caved to pressure and moved the All-Star Game out of Atlanta last year over a voting rights bill that led to record voter turnout in 2022. That’s the kind of steady leadership we need these days.

In the mean time, Pham needs to keep things in perspective. Fantasy Football ended back in January. Early January. It’s nearly June now. And now because Tommy couldn’t keep his temper over a misunderstanding from almost six months ago, he may face a suspension from the league.

He also took himself out of a game, which let his teammates down. Though come to think of it, they managed to win comfortably without him, 5-1. Since the Reds currently have the worst record in all of baseball, maybe Pham should take himself out of games more often.


Written by Cortney Weil

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