Tom Brady’s Comeback Ruins Man’s Investment

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Tom Brady’s been the cause of many “oh shit” moments in his career, but mainly just for defensive backs and gamblers. However, when Brady announced on Sunday that he would return to the NFL in the fall, he left someone else feeling crappy.

One day before Brady un-retired, the football from his supposedly last NFL touchdown pass was sold at an auction for $518,000. But now that Brady is headed back to the Bucs and likely to toss plenty more TDs, the buyer just paid a half million dollars for a ho-hum, routine strike to Mike Evans in the fourth quarter of the 2022 NFC division playoff between Tampa Bay and the LA Rams.

Bidding for Brady’s ball opened at 10 pm Saturday. Brady tweeted his return just after 7 pm Sunday. Ouch.

The name of the person who purchased the ball through the Lelands auction site hasn’t been disclosed. Chances are, if he’s married and wants to stay married, he’s going to want to keep this information quiet for as long as possible. This one’s a little worse than springing for the zero-turn mower or a second TV for the basement.

That guy plus 22 others entered the auction, summiting bids for a ball that traveled from Brady to Evans for a 55-yard touchdown in a game that the Buccaneers lost. The bidding started at $100,000.

Talk about feeling deflated…


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Written by Anthony Farris

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