Tom Brady Spends Retirement On Incredibly Nice Yacht

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Tom Brady is soaking up plenty of sun and relaxation on the water since retiring.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion hung up his cleats after this past season with the Bucs, and now at the age of 45, it’s time for him to cut loose.

That includes spending some time on his 77-foot yacht TW12VE ANGELS. Brady was spotted on his massive vessel in Hollywood, Florida over the weekend, according to TMZ.

Tom Brady enjoys retirement on his yacht. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

The Wajer 77 yacht reportedly cost Brady around $6 million and was built in 2022, according to the same TMZ report. It’s a bigger version of the Wajer 55S the former Patriots star bought in 2020.

You can see a video of what the base model version looks like below.

Tom Brady’s boat has some nice range.

The specs on the boat are also incredibly impressive. It can sleep up to nine people and can go all the way to the Bahamas. That means the ship has some serious range.

That trip is at least 180 miles. For a boat, that’s a long distance to go over open water, but Brady’s TW12VE ANGELS is apparently capable of getting it done.

Tom Brady owns a new yacht. It can go from Florida to The Bahamas. (Credit: Google Maps)

Brady dominated the NFL for decades. Now, it’s time for him to officially start a new chapter of his life. That means enjoying his massive boat. You can’t hate on that at all. Tom Brady is definitely living the life.

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