Tom Brady Completely Ignoring His Unique ‘Veteran Rest’ Schedule, Putting In Extra Work For Packers Raises One Big Question

Tom Brady is the oldest active player in the NFL but does not appear to be slowing down, as previously thought. The 45-year-old is putting in more work than required this week.

Tampa Bay, which is 2-0 on the young season, hosts Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay on Sunday. The late-afternoon game is one of the biggest matchups in the NFC, given the quarterbacks, and the home team’s signal-caller is not taking it lightly.

Last week, it was reported that Brady will be taking more time off. He has been granted a unique schedule for the remainder of 2022 and will get one regularly-scheduled day of each week, and it is supposed to come on Wednesdays. Brady was going to take every Wednesday off for the entire season.

The report came after a tumultuous few months. Brady, of course, retired after the Super Bowl and then un-retired not long thereafter. Ever since, various reports have come out about his wife’s reaction to the decision and how things are going in terms of their family dynamic.

Over the last few weeks, Brady and Gisele Bündchen have been going through it. This new schedule was not only supposed to grant the former more time for recovery, but also allow him to spend more time with the latter and their family.

During the first week of his new schedule, Tom Brady has not taken a day off.

Brady was at practice on Wednesday and was working through drills as normal.

On Thursday, when some speculated that Brady might just take his day off a day later than planned, he was back out on the field again. He did not take either day to rest.

Brady being at practice every day this week makes things interesting and raises one big question.

Perhaps he wasn’t tired this week. Perhaps his family is occupied with school and other things of that nature, so they couldn’t spend time with him anyway.

Or, maybe, Brady is putting extra emphasis on the Packers. If that is the case, and he is working extra hard to beat Rodgers and Green Bay— will that be how he operates every week?

Will Brady value some teams more than others? Will he take a day off before, say, the Texans or the Jaguars? Could that come across as a slight to his opponents? Something to monitor.

Written by Grayson Weir

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