Tom Brady Sr. Saw Storm Clouds Brewing Years Ago: ‘NFL Is A Drug’

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Tom Brady Sr. saw his son’s rough patch coming from a mile away.

Former NFL receiver Cris Carter joined Kay Adams on her FanDuel TV show earlier this week, and revealed a conversation he had with Brady Sr. before the Bucs’ Super Bowl win over the Kansas City Chiefs two years ago.

And, apparently, Tom Sr. knew some storm clouds were on the horizon.

“The night before the game, I happen to meet up with Tom Brady’s dad and asked him what he thought about the game, the opportunity to win again,” Carter told Adams. “He said the only thing he’s worried about is the kid, the kid won’t go home. He said ‘the kid is outside still playing, and he won’t come in. It’s raining, everything.’

He said, ‘I am only afraid the kid won’t stop playing even if he wins.’”

Cris Carter joined Kay Adams this week.

Cris Carter tells Kay Adams Tom Brady can’t leave the NFL

Talk about hitting the nail on the head.

Brady and the Bucs crushed the Chiefs, giving Brady his seventh Super Bowl ring and the absolute perfect excuse to walk away once and for all.

Instead, Tom returned for one more season – which ended with a second-round playoff loss. Still, not a bad way to go out, right?


Tom Brady Sr.
Tom Brady Sr. knew his son couldn’t leave the NFL. (Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Brady retired for a cup of coffee, returned a month later, pissed off ex-wife Gisele Bündchen to the point of no return, and now the longtime couple is divorced and Brady looks MISERABLE.

The Bucs are awful this year, will most likely get destroyed in the playoffs, and would probably already be making offseason tee times right now if they didn’t play in the crappy NFC South.

And now, reports are already surfacing saying Brady may STILL return next season!

“He won that game and he’s still playing,” Carter added. “So the dad told him, so it is a problem. The NFL is a drug, man, and there is no other office job, partnership, relationship, we got great players broadcasting, running teams – it’s nothing like the NFL… to hoist the [Vince] Lombardi [trophy] seven times, man, that’s a drug and he’s got it. He’s got it bad.”

Written by Zach Dean

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