TLIF: Leslie Manookian Pressures NFL, NFLPA On Young Athletes Suffering Medical Emergencies

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A big body of evidence regarding the COVID vaccine effects on healthy athletes lies before the NFL and other major sporting leagues. Fearing the media’s “anti-science” label, the NFL is unwilling to highlight the numbers to keep Americans, of all ages, informed and protected.

On the latest episode of OutKick’s Tomi Lahren is Fearless, Tomi spoke with Leslie Manookian, president and founder of Health Reform Defense Fund.

Why Is The NFL Silent On Vaccine-Related Complications?

Leslie’s team has openly called for the NFL to examine the potential connections between the COVID vaccines, which were strictly mandated early in the vaccines’ rollout, and Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin‘s on-field cardiac arrest.

The NFL has been denying its responsibility of alerting the public on how Damar Hamlin’s heart condition was triggered, which could help hundreds and thousands of young athletes around the nation handle the uptick in abnormal medical emergencies ever since COVID vaccines became mandatory.

Tomi and Leslie Manookian tackled several topics, including Hamlin and the NFL’s bizarre silence on the COVID vaccine and the alarming uptick of heart conditions among active children.


NFL, NFLPA Face Pressure From Fearless Leslie Manookian

Manookian took a fearless stance by asking difficult questions to the king of American sports.

“We wrote this letter to the NFL Players Association. We have yet to hear a word back from them,” Manookian told Tomi. “What’s interesting, and I think it’s so important for everybody to understand is that Damar Hamlin is not an isolated instance.”

Leslie shared the alarming number of medical emergencies popping up among athletes, notably those younger in age.

“If you look globally since the COVID vaccines have been introduced, there have been nearly 1,800 collapses, including about 1,200 deaths in athletes. That’s a huge number.

“Historically, there have usually been about 29 deaths and collapses in people under the age of 35. So deaths and then deaths in athletes, globally, under the age of 35. A huge number.”

Is The NFL In Big Pharma’s Pockets?

Manookian also highlighted the NFL’s vaccine promotion and how they may be electing to keep the muzzle on due to Big Pharma’s big pockets.

She shared:

“There is no doubt that the NFL has a conflict of interest. And the reason I say that is because the NFL participated in something called the community, the COVID community core. And this was a federal program that signed up different sorts of organizations, pro sports, hospitals, medical associations, athletes, celebrities, all sorts of people, and got them to commit to pushing the injections on their fans, their patients or their players, their employees.

“And this program was tied to $3 billion. I don’t know how much the NFL got, whether the NFL got a penny. I don’t know that. But just being one of the inaugural groups that signed on to this COVID community core presents a conflict of interest.”

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