Damar Hamlin Won’t Say What Doctors Said Caused His Heart To Stop

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Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin won’t say what caused his heart to stop on Jan. 2, 2023, during a matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Hamlin spoke to Michael Strahan this week for an interview that ABC aired on “Good Morning America.”

Strahan asked Hamlin to what doctors attributed his cardiac arrest:

“You’re 24, in peak physical condition … how did doctors describe what happened to you?”

Hamlin responded with an “ummm” and then paused for several seconds. “That’s something I’m going to stay away from.”

Here’s the exchange:

The lack of transparency from Hamlin has sparked further speculation, including that the Covid-19 vaccine could have contributed to his collapse.

We published a column in January exploring the ominous sudden rise in cardiovascular irregularities, collapses, and deaths among young, healthy adults.

The trend has continued since publication. But at the time, we cited the following:

It’s happening quite often in European soccer. A female NCAA player from Georgia collapsed on the court during a basketball game last week. A 17-year-old Wyoming basketball player died suddenly on December 26. Air Force offensive lineman Hunter Brown, 21, collapsed and died walking to class on Monday. And rising MMA star Victoria Lee also died at age 18 in December with the cause of death unknown.

You can read the column below:

Official provisional mortality statistics from the CDC show a rise in “major cardiovascular diseases” among persons ages 15 to 39. The numbers heightened in 2021, when most subjects received the Covid-19 vaccine, by choice or force.

Moreover, Dr. Peter McCullough cited a separate Chiu et al study on ECG changes in which 17.1 percent of student respondents experienced cardiovascular symptoms after a second dose of mRNA.

We know already that the novel vaccine has caused young people myocarditis, the inflammation of the heart muscle.

So, while none of this proves the vaccine is to blame for the surge, how could we not explore further what is causing this appalling trend?

Because The Science.

Our so-called experts and journalists have vilified those who ask the question as opposed to uncovering the answers to prove otherwise.

The very groups who claimed masks would stop the spread (more on that below), the vaccine would prevent infection, and that the virus originated in the lab now tell us the vaccine is unequivocally not to blame for young persons suddenly collapsing at unusual rates.

Ultimately, there’s no explanation as to what is causing the surge. The people tasked to find out have no interest in finding out.

Call it the suppression of curiosity.

From our column:

The suppression of curiosity is an indictment of no two trades more than science and journalism. Curiosity is the core of both fields. No question shall be prohibited.

An “expert” cannot uncover the truth without proper skepticism, doubt, and questioning. A journalist’s chief role in society is to hold those in power accountable, to ask unanswered questions.

Questions lead to information. Thereby censoring questioning is censoring information

Fauci, the media, and Damar Hamlin could shut down the vaccine theory.

Hamlin could reveal what the doctors told him.

Journalists could hold those in power accountable for not investigating the root cause of the recent rise in cardiovascular disease.

Fauci and The Science could do their jobs by seeking the truth and providing adequate data to prove otherwise.

Yet none of this is happening — leaving people rightfully wondering, theorizing, and pontificating about what happened to Damar Hamlin on that cold January night.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest media topics as well as trending sports, cultural and political stories.

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