Tim Tebow To Dan Dakich: ‘I Just Believe In Fairness’ When It Comes To Women’s Sports

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Former quarterback Tim Tebow joined ‘Don’t @ Me w/ Dan Dakich” on Monday and gave insight on various topics, including transgender females playing in women’s athletics.

Dakich asked Tebow for his thoughts on the campaign to bring back fairness in women’s sports.

It’s the top issue in women’s rights activism in America today, based on the numerous testimonies on the harmful effects that biological males pose by joining women’s sports.


Tebow stated that he supports the need to preserve fairness in competition among women’s sports, based on his time in Florida, where Tebow attended women’s sporting events.

Tim Tebow joined Dan Dakich on Monday. (Photo by Tim Larson /Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images)

The 36-year-old told Dakich women deserve the right to compete at their best ability as fairness in competition takes a hit from the inclusion of trans athletes.


Tebow shared;

“I had the opportunity at Florida to love watching our teams compete and love watching love supporting our girls and love supporting their competitiveness. And I’m someone that I just believe in fairness and I love being able to watch, whether it was the soccer teams, the softball teams, the lacrosse teams, the gymnastics team.

“So many of those girls work so hard to be able to compete and be their best. And I love giving them a chance to compete in a fair way so that they can strive to be their best. Not all of us get the chance to be the best, but all of us get the chance to be our best. And I just want to give all of those girls the chance to compete and love what they do and strive for it in a truly fair way.

Well said, Tebow.

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