Tim Tebow Has No Regrets About How His Faith May Have Impacted His NFL Career

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Tim Tebow is arguably the greatest college football player of all time, but after his dominant college career at Florida, he managed to play just three seasons in the NFL. Some argue that Tebow’s outward Christian faith played a role in his time as an NFL quarterback being cut short. Whether it did or not is up for debate, but even if did affect his professional career, Tebow doesn’t regret the way he carried himself.


Tebow joined ‘Don’t @ Me With Dan Dakich’ on Monday and went into detail about his faith and explained that if it did end up costing him more time in the league, he still wouldn’t change a thing.

“I would just say, what Jesus has done for me is everything, so my faith hasn’t really cost me anything. My faith in Jesus and what Jesus has done for me has given me everything,” Tebow explained.

“It’s given me real hope. It’s given me a meaning, a purpose for being, a hope for heaven, a joy for life. It’s given me a love for people, even in the midst of my mistakes and shortcomings and failures in life, I’m not defined by my scars, I’m defined by his.

“I don’t look at anything that’s happened to me as my faith has cost me, the only thing that it’s done is giving me real meaning and purpose in life and I’m so grateful for that,” Tebow continued.

Whether it be giving thanks to Jesus just about every time he spoke into a mic or ‘Tebowing’ ahead of games or after scoring a touchdown, Tebow doesn’t regret any step he’s taken in his career.

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  1. He’d have lasted longer if the attitude of coaches and coordinators was in 2012 what it is nowadays. They’d figure out a way to use what he’s good at instead of demanding every QB be Brees or Manning, standing like a statue in the pocket.

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