OutKick’s Riley Gaines Introduces ‘Riley Gaines Center At The Leadership Institute’ To Help Save Women’s Sports, Promote Strong Values

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OutKick’s Riley Gaines continues to lead the charge to save women’s sports.

Thus, she introduces “The Riley Gaines Center At The Leadership Institute” in Arlington, Va.

On Tuesday, the “Gaines for Girls” host joined Sean Hannity to discuss the initiative — set on providing a space to promote values against the Left’s radical gender agenda and positively promoting conservative principles.

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Gaines previously visited college campuses on behalf of The Leadership Institute. They are now doubling down on Riley’s message and vision to return this country to normalcy.

The Riley Gaines Center will unapologetically:

  1. Protect the female identity
  2. Affirm the basic biological truth that men are men and women are women.
  3. Defend freedom of speech

The Riley Gaines Center will fight for women and girls by:

  1. Providing support, training, and resources for those who want to defend women’s identity and uphold vital truths. 
  2. Building a coalition of women, men, student-athletes, parents, and those who have been harmed by radical transgender ideology, to join Gaines in speaking out.
  3. Identifying, recruiting, training, mentoring, and empowering students, athletes, and parents across the country to become campus, community, and national leaders. 

Since Gaines infamously lost in competition to trans female swimmer Lia Thomas, permitted in women’s athletics by the NCAA, the ex-Kentucky swimmer has diligently called for the restoration of competition where men face off against men and women competed exclusively with women.

University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas and Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines (Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Gaines fights to end uneven competition, physical damage and uncomfortable situations caused by the inclusion of trans athletes.

She is determined to win the battle against liberals and prevent the extinction of women’s athletics.

More advocates for women’s sports have joined Gaines’ clarion call against Lia Thomas, trans athletes and the Left, against strong backlash.

Fearless women such as Paula Scanlan and Taylor Silverman, two young athletes with first-hand testimonies of interacting with trans athletes, have supported Gaines.

Join the battle to save women’s sports; check out The Riley Gaines Center At The Leadership Institute for more information.

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