Someone Looks To Have Accidentally Overbid On A Tim Stützle Jersey By $37K

Someone may have made a costly mistake while bidding on a game-worn Ottawa Senators Tim Stützle jersey.

An image was posted to the subreddit r/OttawaSenators showing one of Stützle’s jerseys from last season on the auction block.

For some reason, the German-born NHL forward’s jersey was fetching a wallet-hurting $41,000 (although it doesn’t specify if that is US or Canadian).

What makes it even more apparent that someone made a mistake is that the previous bid was only a little over $4,000.

Oh no, someone may have made one costly extra keystroke.

Lost in this is that a Tim Stützle Ottawa Senators jersey is going for even $4K. He’s a great player and will be a core piece in Ottawa for many years. The words “many years” are key. There will be many, many more game-worn Tim Stützle jerseys (complete with that sweet umlaut) which means that dropping that much probably isn’t a sound investment.

Now, $41,000? That’s enough to buy a brand new Audi A4. Someone is either out of their mind or made a typo for the ages. Whether it was caused by stubby sausage fingers on a cramped keyboard or just a momentary lapse in focus, it’s bad.

However, it could be such a major mistake that the auction company won’t take it seriously. That seemed to be the consensus opinion on Reddit. There, users swapped auction horror stories and speculated on how a mistake like this could’ve been made in the first place.

Hey maybe they did and someone just really, really wanted to make sure that they were the proud owner of a game-worn Tim Stützle sweater.

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