UFC Fighter Accuses Ex-Wife Of Cheating With His Best Friend, Including On Their Wedding Night

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UFC fighter Tim Elliott lobbed a serious allegation at his ex-wife Gina Mazany and former friend Kevin Croom.

Elliott and Mazany are no longer married after a short time together, and the reason why is because Croom and his ex-wife were engaged in an extramarital affair, according to Elliott.

In a now-deleted tweet, Elliott told his followers, “You want to see something gross? This is my ‘wife’ reading vows to my daughter on our ‘wedding’ night! The guy holding the microphone was my ‘friend/teammate’ my wife cheated on me with this guy the same night! and they have had a relationship our entire ‘marriage’ Gina mazany,” according to the New York Post.

Elliott and Croom are also teammates and the latter is now in a public relationship with his ex-wife.

While the tweet alleging the affair has since been taken down, there are other tweets from Elliott that remain up expanding on the situation.

He claims he took his daughter, who is from a different woman, home for the night while Mazany stayed out and engaged in the affair.

UFC fighter Tim Elliott accuses ex-wife Gina Mazany of cheating. (Credit: Twitter)

Elliott claimed he found out about the affair from text messages and Mazany later admitted to it. Her social media accounts have been deleted and neither her nor Croom appear to have publicly refuted the allegations.

Tim Elliott accuses ex-wife Gina Mazany of cheating on him with Kevin Croom. (Credit: Twitter)
UFC fighter Tim Elliott accuses ex-wife Gina Mazany of cheating. (Credit: Twitter)

Tim Elliott makes serious accusations against his ex-wife Gina Mazany.

These are the kind of allegations that change lives. This is about as serious as it gets short of serious criminal allegations.

Tim Elliott is openly accusing a fellow UFC fighter and former friend of having relations with his wife, including on their wedding night!

If the allegations are true, Croom and Mazany have some questions that need to be answered. It’s unbelievably gross conduct.

Imagine having sex with your best friend’s wife on his wedding night. That’s the kind of stuff that people end up in prison over after they retaliate. Unbelievably gross and disgusting if true.

Gina Mazany allegedly cheated on her ex-husband Tim Elliott with Kevin Croom. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Mazany and Croom are the ultimate scumbags if Elliott is telling the truth. Their reputations are destroyed and it’s unlikely they can get it back among polite society. Absolutely wild allegations that have taken the UFC world by storm.

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