TikToker Plans To Sell Bags Of Sand From The Spot Tom Brady Announced His Retirement To Recoup Money She Lost Betting On Him

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On Wednesday morning, Tom Brady released a video announcing his retirement from the NFL. It’s the second straight off-season that he has decided to call it a career.

This time around it feels like Brady’s retirement is more of the permanent variety. In the video he released, he sat alone on the beach and started his message off by saying, “I’ll get to the point right away. I’m retiring for good.”

The reaction to the Brady’s announcement this time around wasn’t met with as much fanfare as it was last year when he called it quits for 40 days. In fact, some people aren’t nearly as broken up about it as they were the first time.

Count TikToker Betr Carol among those who isn’t as saddened by the news. She claims to be a big Brady fan who was “hyperventilating and crying” when he retired last year.

This year she’s trying to recoup some of the money she lost betting on him this season. So she set out to find the exact spot on Miami Beach where Brady announced his retirement.

In a short clip that Carol shared on TikTok, she appears to have found the location. She bagged up some sand and plans to sell it.

Tom Brady Retirement Sand
TikToker and gambler says she’s going to sell Tom Brady retirement sand (Image Credit: Betr Carol/TikTok)

“I was a Tom Brady fan for a really long time and I’m actually sitting exactly where he retired this morning. You can see the buildings, they’re the exact same,ā€ Carol says.

What Tom Brady Fan Wouldn’t Want A Bag Of Retirement Sand?

After explaining how emotional she was about Brady’s retirement last year she unloaded on the NFL great. She said, “Today I really don’t give a fuck, because you ruined your family to get smacked in a Wild Card game.”

“Every dollar that I bet on you this season, that I lost, I will be making back because I’m going to sell the sand that you sat on as you retired,” she explained.

“So thank you, Tom Brady.”

I don’t know if she was being serious or not, but she should at least test the waters. Something tells me there would be a bunch of Massholes interested in buying a bag a Brady’s retirement sand.

Written by Sean Joseph

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