TikToker Known As The ‘Amazonian Goddess’ Used To Be Bullied For Being Tall, Now Makes $10k A Month Fulfilling Bizarre Requests

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Lucie Tabitha, aka the “Amazonian Goddess” as she refers to herself on TikTok, was bullied for being tall when she was growing up. Thanks to the social media platform — and the rather peculiar tastes of many — she’s turned her height into a strength, one she gets paid very well for.

The 6-foot-1 35-year-old stumbled across something called “TallTok” on TikTok and it was a game changer. Thanks to the discovery she now rakes in more than $10,000 a month fulfilling the bizarre requests of her followers.

“I have a lot of fans who are into the giantess fetish,” Tabitha said. “They like to be trampled on and dominated by me or cared for like a little pet, sometimes they like to be eaten by me.”

“I make custom videos to role-play this and I even have a tiny camera that connects to my phone which I can put in my mouth to give a real-life experience to my videos,” she continued. “A lot of people enjoy the thought of looking up to me and being smaller than me and me being able to control them.”

So how much does it cost for her to stomp on her fans or eat them via a custom video? She charges up to $500 a pop for such experiences.

Things Are Looking Up For The Amazonian Goddess

In addition to the constant bullying, her height made dating difficult for the content creator. She says that men are often intimidated by how tall she is.

“I’ve had a lot of men ask me not to wear high heels on dates or tell me they feel silly next to me because I’m so tall,” she said.

“I feel like I’m often made to feel less important or less attractive because I’m so much taller than average and I also think some men see tallness as a masculine thing and not something for a woman to be.”

Women would also make comments about her height. All of that is behind her now thanks to TikTok. The positive response from the TallTok community has made her more confident in her height. So confident that she regularly wears heels that make her more than 7-feet tall.

“I don’t feel like my height is my weakness anymore I feel like it’s my strength and I really never ever thought I would like my height,” she stated. “I felt like it was a curse I’d have to deal with for my whole life.”

Another content success story. There’s no such thing as a weakness any more. If you’re fat, short, skinny, or tall there’s someone on the internet into it.

It’s true they could have a weird request or two, but they’re willing to pay for them.

Written by Sean Joseph

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