TikToker Says Bee Pollen Helped Her Boobs Grow

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There are all kinds of benefits attributed to bee pollen. Everything from boosting energy to anti-inflammatory effects. Thanks to TikTok there’s a new benefit making the rounds.

According to TikToker, Taylor Reynolds, who made a before and after video showing the results of her bee pollen use, it makes your boobs bigger. The video now has over 7 million views and has made her the spokesperson for bee pollen use.

TikToker Taylor Reynolds Bee Pollen Boobs
TikToker sharing the benefits of bee pollen for boobs (Image Credit: Taylor Reynolds/TikTok)

The 25-year-old claims to have started using the supplement in April after watching a TikTok on how it helps make your boobs grow. In a video she posted in June, she said that her sister and her roommate also tried using bee pollen. They too reported an increase in size.

This got Taylor’s comment section talking and a couple of days ago she decided it was time to unveil the before and after on

“Okay so I’m finally going to give you guys the before and afters of the bee pollen use,” she said. “I started taking bee pollen mid-April it was like right after I moved.”

There wasn’t a long wait for the results. Taylor says she started seeing the results of her bee pollen use very quickly.

After that she showed a couple of pictures of herself from March, including a look at one of her in a low-cut sports bra. She said of the look, “When I wear this they are out.”

This TikToker Does Show Her Work

Then came time for the after shots. She shared a picture of herself in a low-cut dress and one of in a sports bra. She let the two looks do most of the talking.

Taylor said of the two after looks, “And here is a photo I took yesterday and here’s another one from a few weeks ago. Do with this information what you will.”

For most in the comment section the before and after was enough for them. They were sold and wanted to know where to get the bee pollen and what specific kind Taylor uses.

While those on TikTok are sold on the powers of bee pollen to increase breast size, a doctor who is known to debunk TikTok trends is not. Dr. Karan Raj rained on the pollen parade.

He says there’s no scientific evidence that bee pollen increases the size of your boobs. Now if you thought the doctor weighing in was going to slow this down you’re wrong.

Taylor’s video came out after the doctor debunked the trend. Obviously, she not buying what the doc is selling. She plans to continue to walk down the street like she “got a boob job.”

Written by Sean Joseph

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