TikTok Star Alix Earle & Dolphins Receiver Braxton Berrios Spotted Together At Heat Game

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TikTok star Alix Earle seems to have a thing for professional athletes. Not just any professional athlete, she goes for good looking backup middle infielders and slot receivers. She’s not seeking the guys with the huge contracts who get all of the attention.

That’s just not Alix’s style. The spotlight is hers and hers alone. The jersey chasers and those seeking to make a name for themselves can have the big name players. The only thing she asks is that once the relationship reaches a certain level that she show up on your social media

Alix Earle Braxton Berrios Heat Game
TikTok star Alix Earle and Dolphins receiver Braxton Berrios (Image Credit: Anneliese González/TikTok)

Alix’s ex, Tyler Wade, refused to post pictures of her on his Instagram page and was sent packing. In steps newly signed Miami Dolphins receiver Braxton Berrios.

Shortly after Berrios’ move to Miami, his relationship with Sophia Culpo ended in betrayal, and he was then linked to Alix. So far he hasn’t been given the social media test, but the two have been spotted several times in Miami over the last couple of months.

The most recent sighting took place on Friday night during Game 4 of the NBA Finals between the Nuggets and Heat in Miami. The two were seated in the second row of seats and picked up a couple of times by the cameras.

The TikTok Star And NFL Receiver, A Match Made For Miami

It was likely Alix’s pregame video, where she picked out her outfit for the game, that tipped off her enormous following to be on the lookout for her.

Whether intentional or not, it worked. She and Berrios were spotted together at the game.


I love the final look .. i think 🫣🏀🔥 #miamiheat #ootd #grwm #miami #finals

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Now I don’t know how long it was before Wade was hit with the post me or else ultimatum, but this relationship with Berrios is probably too new for that just yet.

That said, the clock is ticking for the slot receiver. It’s the offseason right now and there aren’t any road trips scheduled in the immediate future.

The closer the calendar moves towards the start of the season and the closer those scheduled road trips become. That’s when a post on Instagram comes into play.

It’s a sign to the jersey chasers on the road to move along this jersey is spoken for. Alix knows that if this relationship is going to extend into the regular season then she’s going to need to end up on Berrios’ timeline at some point.

There’s no need to rush things right now. This could all fade into nothing, but a summer romance.

Things might change come the middle of August if these two are still an item. That’s when the preseason road trips that extend into the start of the regular season start.

Written by Sean Joseph

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