TikTok Star Alix Earle & Braxton Berrios Heats Up

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It looks like social media superstar Alix Earle and new Dolphins wide receiver Braxton Berrios is officially ON for the Summer of 2023.

As many of you know, Berrios, the former New York Jets wide receiver, is coming off a relationship with Sophia Culpo. The working theory amongst social media observers is that Berrios was cheating with Earle — who used to date MLB pitcher Tyler Wade and dumped him because he wouldn’t post content about her on social media — that ended the relationship with Culpo.

As always, this is ALLEGEDLY. Culpo called it “betrayal.”

Now, who really knows what was going on amongst these 20-somethings? What’s clear is that Berrios needed to make a move because the Culpo thing was getting stale and Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffrey had taken their talents to the West Coast. Berrios makes the move to the Dolphins and that should’ve been the writing on the wall for Sophia.

New year, new me. New city (yes, he played at The University of Miami), new Braxton.

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Enter Earle, who, in case you didn’t realize, is an absolute social media FORCE. We’re talking 2.6 million ENGAGED Instagram followers. We’re talking 5.2 million TikTok followers. Sophia Culpo didn’t stand a chance here.

You gotta hand it to Berrios as to how he’s handling his rise off the field. The guy is a slot receiver. He turns 28 in October and time is running out on his NFL career. Outside of a few generational talents at the position, these guys become expendable at 30 and by 32 it might as well be over.

Add it up and this summer is Berrios’ time to shine. I’m talking a full-on tabloid blitz out of this guy. He has to build as many possible social media followers (currently sitting at 144k IG followers; that needs to quadruple by the start of the NFL season) as possible and that means siphoning off Earle fans who NEED to know what he’s up to so they can alert Alix if there’s any funny business.

I fully expect Earle-Berrios to do at least 1-2 tropical trips this summer. I expect them at all the big Miami summer festivals. I also expect at least one manufactured controversy of some sort this summer. My guess is that Sophia will confront Alix and Earle’s supporters will go ballistic.

For now, we’re in the storyline-building stage. Over the weekend, the couple was spotted dining together at some Miami restaurant. Simple enough.

There were also a couple of teases that the two of them were at the F1 race, but not together.

Buckle up. These two are about to have a summer. You only get so many summers before some other hungry NFL couple comes along and steals your thunder. It’s now or never.

Don’t forget why Earle dumped her last jock boyfriend. Berrios better snap to it.

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