Influencer Who Spent $15k On New Boobs Refuses To Cover Up No Matter How Many Neighborhood Karens Complain

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Jessy Jordyn didn’t shell out her hard earned money on her new boobs just to cover them up. The TikTok influencer got the enhancements to march around her neighborhood in sports bras.

Well, that might not be the only reason she got them, but her walks around the neighborhood in her sports bra have the neighborhood Karens up in arms. They’re not fans of her one woman parades up and down the streets because their husbands tend to take notice.

TikTok Influencer Jessy Jordyn Sports Bra Walks
Influencer refuses to cover up on her walks (Image Credit: Jessy Jordyn/TikTok)

If the sports bra neighborhood watch thought complaining to Jessy would have her cover up they were wrong. She’s instead taken to TikTok to address the matter. Not just once either, she has addressed it several times.

There are even different versions of her walking through her neighborhood with her purchase on display, but underlining message remains the same. She has absolutely no plans on changing her attire. If anything, the complaints are going to make her lean into the sports bra walks.

Jessy’s message to the Karens, which first appeared a few weeks ago is, “If you think I spent $15k on these just to cover them up because Karen across the road said to cover up because her husband can’t stop staring, you’ve got another thing coming.”

This TikTok Influencer Stays Ready For Battle

Jessy, because she’s an influencer and is all about content, there are some alternate versions of the clips. Ones that are still aimed at her neighborhood Karens and the fact that their husbands enjoy her walks.

These alternate versions contain the text overlay, “Just me minding my own business because Karen’s husband just [spilt] food all over himself trying to get a look and now she won’t stop giving me the stink eye.”

This isn’t the first battle that Jessy has taken directly to married women. Earlier this month she put on a thong at a family beach that she claims was “in the middle of nowhere.”

Because of her thong, she was met with the stink eye from middle aged women. Their husbands on the other hand were busy giving her side stares.

Someone has to fight the good fight. Why not someone who has shelled out good money and is unwilling to back down?

Written by Sean Joseph

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